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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jan-2019Ordinance No. SP-2811, S-2019Co-Pilar, Marivic; Castelo, Precious Hipolito
28-Jan-2019Ordinance No. SP-2814, S-2019Co-Pilar, Marivic
28-Jan-2019Ordinance No. SP-2815, S-2019Co-Pilar, Marivic; Liban, Godofredo T. II
31-May-2019Ordinance No. SP-2845, S-2019Co-Pilar, Marivic; Medalla, Julienne Alyson Rae V.; Pumaren, Franz S.; Liban II, Godofredo
13-Oct-2014Ordinance no.SP-2326 S-2014Co-Pilar, Marivic
14-Oct-2014Ordinance no.SP-2328 S-2014Co-Pilar, Marivic
24-Sep-2015Ordinance No.SP-2434,S-2015Co-Pilar, Marivic
13-Dec-2016Ordinance No.SP-2558, S-2016Co-Pilar, Marivic; Herrera, Alexis R.
30-Jan-2017Ordinance No.SP-2566, S-2017Co-Pilar, Marivic
27-Jan-2014Qc Ordinance No. SP-2255, S-2013Co-Pilar, Marivic
23-Feb-2015Qc Ordinance SP-2388, S-2015Co-Pilar, Marivic
1-Jul-1992Republic Act No.7605Co-Pilar, Marivic
19-Feb-2018Resoluiton No. SP-7389, S-2018Co-Pilar, Marivic
13-Aug-2019A Resolution amending City Council Resolution NO. SP-7690, S-2019, entitled "A Resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista, to acquire through negotiated sale a parcel of land identified as Lot 257-B, PSD-20281, located along Howmart Road, Barangay Baesa, Quezon City, registered under the name of Univelle Development Corporation, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) No. 004-RT2016013895 (162670), containing an area of more or less five thousand (5,000) square meters, intended for the development of a Socialized Housing Project for the benefit of on-site informal settler families (ISFs)", to a Resolution authorizing the Quezon City Mayor Honorable Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte to acquire the above described property of Univelle.Co-Pilar, Marivic
21-Oct-2019A Resolution authorizing the Quezon City Mayor, Honorable Ma. Josefina G. Belmonte, to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Gawad Kalinga Commuity Development Foundation, Inc. (GK), for the community development and construction of the housing component of the city's Socialized Housing Project labeled as QC Joyville, located at Gem-5 Road, Barangay Baesa, Quezon City, for the benefit of the on-site Informal Settler Families (ISFS).Co-Pilar, Marivic
29-Sep-2014Resolution No. 6146 S-2014Co-Pilar, Marivic
14-Oct-2013Resolution No. SP- 5779, S-2013Co-Pilar, Marivic; M, Ramon
20-Dec-2013Resolution No. SP- 5825, S-2013Co-Pilar, Marivic
27-Jan-2014Resolution No. SP- 5833, S- 2013Co-Pilar, Marivic
27-Jan-2014Resolution No. SP- 5833, S-2013Co-Pilar, Marivic