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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2016Ordinance No. SP-2534, S-2016Herrera, Alexis R.
5-Dec-2016Ordinance No. SP-2556, S-2016Reyes, Allan Benedict S.; Malangen, Raquel S.; Juico, Lena Marie P.; Delarmente, Elizabeth A.; Belmonte, Oliviere T.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Castelo, Precious Hipolito; Medalla, Ramon P.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.; Valmocina, Estrella C.; Paulate, Roderick M.; Sotto, Gian Carlo G.; Coseteng, Kate Abigael G.; De Leon, Jose Mario Don S.; Pumaren, Franz S.; Lagumbay, Eufemio C.; Rillo, Marvin C.; Belmonte, Irene R.; Lagman, Ivy Xenia L.; Visaya, Jose A.; Castelo, Karl Edgar T.; Medalla, Julienne Alyson Rae V.; Liban, Godofredo T. II; Yllana, Andres Jose G. Jr.; Francisco, Allan Butch T.; Co-Pilar, Marivic; Castelo, Melencio T. Jr.; Juan, Rogelio P.; Sotto, Diorella Maria G.; Matias, Donato C.; Medina, Eric Z.; Corpuz, Ricardo B.
25-Sep-2017Ordinance No. SP-2627, S-2017Valmocina, Estrella C.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.; Corpuz, Ricardo B.
27-Nov-2017Ordinance No. SP-2642, S-2017Pumaren, Franz S.; Sotto, Diorella Maria G.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Liban, Godofredo T. II
29-Jan-2018Ordinance No. SP-2676, S-2018Herrera, Alexis R.; Pomaren, Franz S.
29-Jan-2018Ordinance No. SP-2683, S-2018Herrera, Alexis R.; Malangen, Raquel S.; Pumaren, Franz S.; Liban, Godofredo T.
19-Feb-2018Ordinance No. SP-2684, S-2018Ferrer, Victor Jr.; Crisologo, Anthony Peter D.; Juico, Lena Marie P.; Delarmente, Elizabeth A.; Belmonte, Oliviere T.; Herrera, Alexis R.
16-Apr-2018Ordinance No. SP-2704, S-2018Pumaren, Franz S.; Herrera, Alexis R.
24-Jul-2018Ordinance No. SP-2735, S-2018Herrera, Alexis R.
24-Jul-2018Ordinance No. SP-2736, S-2018Herrera, Alexis R.
30-Jul-2018Ordinance No. SP-2737, S-2018Castelo, Karl Edgar C.; Castelo, Melencio Jr.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Sotto, Diorella Maria G.
9-Aug-2018Ordinance No. SP-2740, S-2018Liban, Godofredo T.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Medina, Eric Z.
6-Aug-2018Ordinance No. SP-2743, S-2018Pumeran, Franz S.; Herrera, Alexis R.
3-Dec-2018Ordinance No. SP-2806, S-2018Herrera, Alexis R.
4-Feb-2019Ordinance No. SP-2813, S-2019Herrera, Alexis R.
27-Mar-2019Ordinance No. SP-2827, S-2019MalaƱgen, Raquel S.; Pumaren, Franz S.; Liban, Godofredo T. II; Herrera, Alexis R.
13-Dec-2016Ordinance No.SP-2558, S-2016Co-Pilar, Marivic; Herrera, Alexis R.
6-Feb-2017Ordinance no.SP-2568, S-2017Herrera, Alexis R.
13-Aug-2018A Resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista, to sign the deed of donation and acceptance executed by B.C. Regalado and company in favor of the Quezon City government involving two hundred thirty-seven (237) road lots, sixteen (16) open spaces and sixty-five (65) alleys, forty two (42) easement lots and five (5) drainage lots with an aggregate area of one million one hundred twenty- seven thousand and eight ninety eight (1,127,898) square meters covered by three hundred sixty five (365) transfer certificates of title (TCT) issued by the registry of deeds of Quezon City, All located in North Fairview, Quezon City.Herrera, Alexis R.
17-Jun-2019Resolution NO. SP- 7831, S-2019Herrera, Alexis R.