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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2014Resolution No. SP - 6125 S-2014Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
20-Oct-2014Resolution No. SP - 6155 S-2014Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
10-Oct-2016Resolution No. SP-6870,S-2016Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
14-Nov-2016Resolution No. SP-6895, S-2016Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
28-Nov-2016Resolution No. SP-6933, S-2016Crisologo, Anthony Peter D.; Ferrer, Victor Jr V.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.; Lagumbay, Eufemio C.; Liban, Godofredo T.; Medalla, Julienne Alyson Rae V.
5-Jun-2017RESOLUTION No. SP-7115,S -2017Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
27-Jun-2017Resolution No. SP-7119, S-2017Pumaren, Franz S.; Liban, Godofredo ll T.; Herrera, Alexis R.; Malangen, Raquel S.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
19-Jun-2017Resolution No. SP-7136, S-2017Pumaren, Franz S.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
3-Jul-2017Resolution No. SP-7148, S-2017Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
18-Sep-2017Resolution No. SP-7254, S-2017Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
2-Oct-2017Resolution No. SP-7267, S-2017Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
25-Sep-2017RESOLUTION NO. SP-7291, S-2017Malangen, Raquel s.; Liban, Godofredo II T.; Pumaren, Franz S.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
29-Jan-2018Resolution No. SP-7366, S-2018Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
5-Mar-2018Resolution No. SP-7373, S-2018Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
26-Feb-2018Resolution No. SP-7376-S-2018Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
25-Jun-2018Resolution No. SP-7530, S-2018Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
26-Nov-2018Resolution No. Sp-7653, S-2018Castelo, Precious Hipolito; De Leon, Jose Mario Don S.; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
19-Nov-2018Resolution No. Sp-7655, S-2018Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
26-Feb-2019Resolution No. SP-7752, S-2019Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
26-Feb-2019Resolution No. SP-7753, S-2019Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.