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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2011Ordinance No. SP-2122, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
18-Apr-2012Ordinance No. SP-2135, S-2012Crisologo, Anthony Peter
14-May-2015Ordinance No. SP-2404, S-2015Crisologo, Anthony Peter
8-Dec-2015Ordinance No. SP-2456, S-2015Crisologo, Anthony Peter
12-Mar-2018Ordinance No. SP-2693, S-2018Crisologo, Anthony Peter; Lagumbay, Eufemio C.
12-Mar-2018Ordinance No. SP-2695, S-2018Crisologo, Anthony Peter; Ludovica, Ranulfo Z.
26-Sep-2011Qc Ordinance No. SP-2097, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
2011Qc Ordinance No. SP-2109, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
1-Sep-2015A resolution authorizing the issuance of a special use permit to Shell Philippines, for the construction and operation of a Gasoline Filling Station to be located at Lot 2 (portion only) and lot 3, block 9, Dona Ana, Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City, represented by Mr. Juan Carlo S. Montoya, in accordance with the Quezon City comprehensive zoning ordinance No. SP-918, S-2000, as amended.Crisologo, Anthony Peter; Liban, Voltaire Gododfredo III
22-Aug-2011A resolution granting financial assistance to the bereaved family and surviving heirs of the late Mr. Joel Orgonio Belisario, former Barangay Public Safety Officer (BPSO) of Barangay Sto. Domingo, District I, Quezon City, in the amount of twenty thousand pesos (P20,000.00) to be charged against the appropriation for subsidies and donations of the 2011 annual budget of the Office of the City Mayor or from any available funds in the city treasury.Crisologo, Anthony Peter
7-Mar-2011Resolution No. SP- 5081, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
7-Mar-2011Resolution No. SP- 5083, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
14-Mar-2011Resolution No. SP- 5091, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
14-Mar-2011Resolution No. SP- 5103, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
28-Mar-2011Resolution No. SP- 5116, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
27-Jun-2011Resolution No. SP- 5245, S-2011Crisologo, Anthony Peter
27-Feb-2012Resolution No. SP- 5451, S-2012Crisologo, Anthony Peter
11-Jun-2012Resolution No. SP- 5537, S-2012Crisologo, Anthony Peter
21-Oct-2013Resolution No. SP- 5788, SP-2013Crisologo, Anthony Peter
20-Dec-2013Resolution No. SP- 5801, 2013Crisologo, Anthony Peter