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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2012Ordinance No. SP-2127, S-2012Sotto, Gian Carlo
30-Jul-2015Ordinance No.SP-2425,S-2015Sotto, Gian Carlo
9-Mar-2015Qc Ordinance No. SP-2397, S-2015Sotto, Gian Carlo
21-Mar-2011A resolution enjoining all households, business establishments, institutions and other sectors in Quezon City to participate in the celebration of the annual earth hour event every last Saturday of March and every year thereafter.Sotto, Gian Carlo
15-Nov-2010Resolution No. SP- 5041, S-2010Sotto, Gian Carlo
24-Jan-2011Resolution No. SP- 5045, S-2010Sotto, Gian Carlo
7-Feb-2011Resolution No. SP- 5060, S-2011Sotto, Gian Carlo
14-Feb-2011Resolution No. SP- 5064. S-2011Sotto, Gian Carlo
23-May-2011Resolution No. SP- 5157, S-2011Sotto, Gian Carlo
5-Dec-2011Resolution No. SP- 5370, S-2011Sotto, Gian Carlo
21-Nov-2011Resolution No. SP- 5379, S-2011Sotto, Gian Carlo
5-Mar-2012Resolution No. SP- 5462, S-2012Delarmente, Dorothy; Sotto, Gian Carlo
12-Mar-2012Resolution No. SP- 5482, S-2012De Leon, Jose Mario Don; Coseteng, Julian; Reyes, Allan Benedict; Borres, Jaime; Sotto, Gian Carlo; Lagumbay, Eufemio
28-May-2012Resolution No. SP- 5522, S-2012Sotto, Gian Carlo
11-Jun-2012Resolution No. SP- 5536, S-2012Sotto, Gian Carlo
16-Dec-2013Resolution No. SP- 5778, S-2013Sotto, Gian Carlo
26-Jan-2015Resolution No. SP- 6235, S-2015Sotto, Gian Carlo
25-Nov- 7Resolution No. SP- 6338, S-2015Sotto, Gian Carlo
11-May-2015Resolution No. SP- 6363, S-2015Sotto, Gian Carlo
10-Aug-2015Resolution No. SP- 6458, S-2015Suntay, Jesus Manuel; Sotto, Gian Carlo; Rillo, Marvin