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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-202011 QC cops under quarantineTupas, Emmanuel
29-Jan-202037 held for illegal gambling in QCTupas, Emmanuel; Servallos, Neil Jayson
1-Mar-20227 QC cops suspended over student's shootingTupas, Emmanuel
4-Nov-2021Año: QC doing good in COVID responseTupas, Emmanuel
1-Jul-2018Belmonte defends anti-junk food ordinanceTupas, Emmanuel
15-Sep-2022Belmonte forms task force on fire preventionMarcelo, Elizabeth; Tupas, Emmanuel; Ong, Ghio
1-Jun-2022Belmonte lauds QCPD for measures to protect canvassing, proclamationTupas, Emmanuel
4-Dec-2020Belmonte lauds QCPD for rape suspect's arrestMateo, Janvic; Tupas, Emmanuel
12-Apr-2022Belmonte opens new police stationTupas, Emmanuel
24-Feb-2022Belmonte orders investigation of drunk cop who shot studentMateo, Janvic; Tupas, Emmanuel
26-Nov-2019Belmonte orders police: Curb crimes vs women, childrenTupas, Emmanuel
15-May-2022Belmonte orders probe of QC jail riotMateo, Janvic; Tupas, Emmanuel
4-Jul-2019Belmonte urges youth: Be more protective of environmentTupas, Emmanuel
7-Nov-2019Belmonte, MMDA shut down bus depotTupas, Emmanuel; Ong, Ghio
14-Aug-2019Belmonte: Explain fee collection from QC vendorsMateo, Janvic; Tupas, Emmanuel
25-Sep-2019Belmonte: QC nearly ASF-freeTupas, Emmanuel
16-Dec-2021BJMP inaugurates new jail in QCTupas, Emmanuel; Mateo, Janvic
8-Oct-2021Call center agent wanted for rape nabbedTupas, Emmanuel
25-Oct-2018Cebu exec wants to replicate QC's drug rehab programTupas, Emmanuel
13-May-2021City governmentTupas, Emmanuel; Mateo, Janvic