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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jan- 201The banality of bloodshedN/A, N/A
5-Oct- 201Inside the mind of the mass shooterPersaud, Raj; Furnham, Adrian
Jul- 203Republic Act No. 9297-
27-Jan- 489Republic Act No. 9174-
28-Jan- 549Presidential Decree No.1657-
16-Nov- 959Proclamation No. 628-
10-Feb- 969Republic Act No.4862-
2-Feb- 976Presidential Decree No. 851-
10-May- 976Presidential Decree No. 916-
23-Apr- 979Proclamation No.1842-
20-Apr- 984Batas Pambansa Blg. 386-
3-Dec- 984Proclamation No.2385-
Mar- 995Executive Order No. 221-
1900Act No. 101-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8830-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8829-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8828-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8827-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8826-
5-Feb-1901Republic Act No.8825-