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Title: Resolution No. SP- 6724, S-2016
Other Titles: A resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Honorable Herbert M. Bautista, to enter into a Contract of Sale in favor of Mrs. Filomena Bernales, involving a parcel of land containing an area of ninety seven square meters and ninety square, decimeters (97.90 Sq.M.), portion of Lot 2, Block LCH 55, PSD-10783, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 104491, registered in the name of the Quezon City Government, located at Umbel Street, Barangay Roxas, Quezon City, at a price to be determined by the Quezon City Appraisal Committee.
Authors: Suntay, Jesus Manuel
Keywords: Resolution 2016
Enter into a Contract of Sale in favor of Mrs. Filomena Bernales .
Issue Date: 29-Feb-2016
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